AQUA Pineapple Leather Piñatex -Rose

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Product Detail
Product Detail

PETA Approved Vegan Leather


27 * 28 * 12 cm


Pineapple Leather Piñatex


Piñatex® is made of fibre from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant.

These leaves are a by-product from existing pineapple harvest, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce.

After pineapple harvest, the suitable plant leaves which are left behind are collected in bundles and the long fibres are extracted using semi-automatic machines.

The fibres are washed then dried naturally by the sun, or during the rainy season in drying ovens.

The dry fibres go through a purification process to remove any impurities which results in a fluff-like material.

Piñafelt is coloured using GOTS certified pigments and a resin top coating is applied to give additional strength, durability and water resistance.



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