Who is Lufyen?

The brand name Lufyen is derived from "lufian", which means "to love, admire" in the old language in English. All of our rankings are prominent for appreciation and beauty evaluations; Having a general name that reflects the spirit of all brands that you should not have, our existing brand should have such a similar branding, is to have this brand so that you can classify it. We can send messages that look like "your fan products", "products you will like and love", "products for the products of people who love their business" to those related to the name of this brand. evoking a universal image, being considered to be in a world-to-earth state. You will start working with this name, which will start to be branded with a concise and meaningful brand that can be visualized and expressed in the eyes of your whole personality.
Our brand strives to bring PETA and its vegan products to you. It was an idea that was put forward to highlight our respect for nature and animals. Dressing our meaningful designs and displaying phonetic integrity, this name also conveys our nature to nature. For friends who appeal to nature-friendly and vegan people; we want to fill from this center and a different design from vegan leather.
The Future is Herbal-Based Leathers