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In order to create a safer environment for its members and customers on our site, it requires the following confidentiality rules:

Some of the information requested from you during your shopping must be filled in completely in order to serve you better.

· The information you have registered on our site (name-surname, e-mail, etc.) can be used by us to inform you about our innovations and campaigns. In addition, no mail will be sent to your e-mail address without your prior consent.

· Registered membership and personal information will not be shared with third parties. It will only be used to provide you with a better service quality. Membership and personal information, however, if requested by official authorities, this information will only be forwarded to official authorities.

· On our site, your credit card information requested on the payment page is not recorded in any way in order to keep the security of our customers at the highest level.

It undertakes that it will not be used in any scope other than the rules and purposes stated in the Membership Agreement, and that it will not be shared with third parties or institutions.